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“流氓软件”如今人人喊打,反流氓软件可谓是2006年互联网一件大事儿。11月8日,中国互联网协会公布了“流氓软件”官方定义:在未明确提示用户或未经用户许可的情况下,在用户计算机或其他终端上安装运行、侵害用户合法权益的软件。 请看《中国日报》相关报道:Internet Society of China has published its final definition of malicious software after it has collected more than 8,500 opinions from the public since early this month. Malicious software is defined as a program that is installed on computers or other terminals without the user’s permission and infringes the user’s rights. “流氓软件”即“恶意软件”,以“installed without notification or approval”(强制安装)、“browser hijacking”(浏览器劫持)、“triggering pop-up ads”(广告弹出)等恶行为主要特征。 英语中,“流氓软件”常用“malicious software”或者“malware”来表达。显然,malware是malicious software的合成形式,英语中类似造词法比比皆是,如:motor + hotel–motel(汽车旅馆);smoke + fog–smog(烟雾);breakfast + lunch–brunch(早中饭)。 此外,“流氓软件”也可用“rogue software”来指代,“rogue”在英语中指“流氓、无赖”。

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