SQLite – Small. Fast. Reliable!

    Author: 徐艺波  From: xuyibo.org  Date: 2021-03-12 10:42 AM

    i hate ms-access, also ms-sql, because i should pay for it, and what’s more, it’s not open-source, DOG-shit~

    try SQLLite, i’m sure you will like it.

    Here is what you do to start experimenting with SQLite without having
    to do a lot of tedious reading and configuration:

    1. Download The Code

    2. At a shell or DOS prompt, enter: ‘sqlite3 test.db‘. This will
    create a new database named ‘test.db’. (You can use a different name if
    you like.)

    NOTE! The test.db will not created, until you had created some table.

    3. Enter SQL commands at the prompt to create and populate the new database


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