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    Here is the news form NASM website:
    ; Development Team
    NASM was originally developed by Simon Tatham and Julian Hall, and is now maintained by a team led by H. Peter Anvin.
    Currently active team members are:

    H. Peter Anvin, rPath, Inc.
    Charles Crayne
    Frank B. Kotler
    Keith Kanios
    … and we are actively looking for more developers!

    ; New Development Repository
    NASM has moved from using CVS to using GIT. All futher development will be coordinated through the GIT Repository.

    ; 64-bit (x86-64/x64/AMD64/Intel 64) Support Is Here!!!
    NASM has been updated to support the full x86-64 architecture extension. The next release, NASM 2.00.00, which is currently marked as 0.99.XX while under development, will emerge from GIT once it is considered production stable. Until then, you can find/compile it from GIT, or grab the snapshots.


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